What Is A Life-Cycle Celebrant?

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® are individuals who understand how ceremony, storytelling, and ritual can vitally serve, as conscious aspects, in our lives; they also recognize that our society is awakening to this fact. Certified Celebrants, educated through the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, have coupled their passion for ceremony with rigorous training in faith traditions, mythology, and the art of ceremonial writing and speaking. Regardless of whether a ceremony originates from a secular, spiritual or religious point of view, Celebrants collect gems of information from their clients, collaboratively design the structure of the celebration, and then craft a personalized ceremony to uplift, inspire and deepen the meaning of the moment.

Celebrants are Ceremony Specialists. They have studied the history, theory, principles and concepts of ritual – the foundational tools that make for a significant event. Celebrants are also savvy questioners. They take great care and time with their clients during the interview process. As a result, this shared experience brings forth the story (the hallmark of a Celebrant Ceremony), builds rapport, and grounds a sense of trust in the ceremony’s development. This first-hand level of attention is a distinctive feature that Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants bring to the creative table of ceremony making.

Many life events can become a milestone worthy of honor. Here are some ideas to consider for Celebration:  Birth/Adoption/Baby Naming; Mother Blessings; Parenting; Weddings and Civil Unions; Animal Tributes; LGBQT+ Ceremonies; House Blessings; Retirement; Business Launches; Coming of Age; Croning Ceremony; Living Funerals; Seasonal Celebrations; Forgiveness; Conscious Divorce; just to name a few!

May your next ceremonial occasion be given the focused attention it deserves!


Why Choose A Life-Cycle Celebrant?


Celebrant ceremonies are crafted from personal interviews with clients, which assure their vision, story and key elements of ritual are honored. 


When a milestone occasion inspires your celebratory vision, allow it to materialize through the sound training, ceremonial passion and imaginative nature of a Life-Cycle Celebrant.


Partners, families, co-workers, etc. all like to offer their ideas, which are as varied and diverse as there are points of view. What to do? Simplify your life and let a Celebrant guide the process.


Life is full of reasons to celebrate: Adoption, Birth, Birthdays, Coming of Age, Graduation, Marriage/Civil Unions, Transgender Visibility, House Blessings, Animal Tributes, Conscious Divorce, Retirement, Celebration of Life Ceremonies—just to name a few.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the breathtaking, the stunning, the delightful, the celebrative, the meaningful, the “wow,” the creative, and when appropriate, the sacred, to your special occasion/celebration.

We are all about fresh ingredients for a one-of -a-kind ceremony that can include music, personalized content, readings, rituals, and special touches authentic to your type of occasion and authentic to those you are honoring or celebrating.

No other officiant but a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® brings such an in-depth immersion and background in the history of ritual, ceremony, and cultural and religious traditions to the art and craft of "birth to earth" ceremonies. We bring a signature “x-factor” to every ceremony we craft and deliver.

Our Mission

The Rocky Mountain Life-Cycle Celebrants’ mission is to collaborate with you on creating and crafting a one-of-a-kind ceremony that is true to the honoree(s) and reflective of your wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values—religious or non-religious. We are skilled in the rites, rituals, ceremonies and traditions of many cultures and religions.

It is our highest honor to officiate at milestone events and bring the recognition, humor, honor, fun and creativity these standout times call for.

Whether it is a ceremony to celebrate a birth, a rebirth, coming of age, marriage, tribute to a life well-lived, a graduation, retirement, divorce, or a pet funeral, we are here to breathe vitality and imagination into life’s ever-changing seasons from birth to earth.

Celebrant Foundation & Institute students sign and agree to the following code of ethics.

CF&I Code of Ethics and Professionalism
for Alumni Certified Life-cycle Celebrants©

The Celebrant agrees:

  • To support the goals and the mission of CF&I and the Association by setting and maintaining a professional standard of service to the public that will bring credit and recognition to CF&I, the Association, and its individual members.
  • To serve each client with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism, and to provide all services in a timely manner.
  • To offer every client a personalized ceremony that includes their story or information as revealed to the Celebrant through interview and questionnaires.
  • To ensure that clients have complete choice of and final say over their ceremonies, and that the Celebrant’s personal beliefs are immaterial to this process. To encourage clients in choosing and/or approving a ceremony that is satisfying to them.
  • To respectfully provide a ceremony that is as accurate as possible in all respects, including the pronunciation of the names of people, places, and things.
  • To conduct a rehearsal where necessary to the ceremony. 
  • To perform the ceremony in a professional, prepared, and appropriate manner.
  • To gift the client/honoree a keepsake (hard copy or electronic) copy of their ceremony.
  • To provide a service that recognizes the unique personalities of the client, being sensitive to their needs, wishes, values, philosophical and spiritual beliefs, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination or harassment (including all forms of sexual harassment and sexual violence) under any program or activity.
  • To comply and keep current with all laws and regulations regarding the performance of marriage in every country, state, province, or municipality in which the Celebrant practices, including obtaining the necessary legal authority to solemnize marriages and appropriately filing client marriage documentation as required by law.

Life-Cycle Celebrants honor the wisdom of the ages
while sourcing the energy of creation, inspiring
the art and craft of ceremony from "birth to earth"
and everything in between.

Milestone Moments

We create ceremonies to commemorate transitions from one phase of life to the next. Whether it be bringing new life into the world, maturing into adulthood, transforming identity and gender, celebrating union and life—as we come together and when it comes to a close—memorializing those who have died, we mark these moments with expressions of connection, community, healing and memories.

Wedding Ceremonies & Renewal of Vows

Celebrations of Life, Funerals & Memorial Services

Blessings: New Mother, New Baby, New House…

Welcoming, Naming & Christening

Coming of Age & Rites of Passage

Graduation & Retirement Ceremonies

Dedications & Tributes


Honoring: Earth, Seasons & Nature

Healing, Purification & Recovery

Custom Designed Ceremonies & Rituals

Formal – Informal

Traditional – Modern

Unique – Structured

Specialized – Inclusive

Non-Traditional – Thematic