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Pet Funerals / Memorials

Pets are people too! Our furry, four-legged, winged, finned, invertebrate, scaly, slithering, special friends are significant members of our families, often like our own children, so we naturally desire to pay tribute, honor and celebrate their lives once they have passed on to the next phase of existence. A Life-Cycle Celebrant knows just the right words to say, along with adding creative and meaningful elements to the rituals and ceremonies we enact to mark the passing of time, the transformation of life and the process of grieving our precious companions and pets.

Photo of Michele Daubert

Michele Daubert

Life-Cycle Celebrant & Body Worker
Serving the Area: Front Range Boulder, Colorado United StatesPhone: (215) 350-9155RML-CC Profile Page: Michele’s Full Profile
Photo of Katherine Roy

Katherine Roy

Life-Cycle CelebrantWine Country Ceremonies
Serving the Area: Across the Western Slope & Mountain Towns, Eastern Utah & Everywhere in Between Palisade, Colorado 81526 United StatesPhone: (970) 261-2257Celebrant's Website: Wine Country Ceremonies
Photo of Ben Martin

Ben Martin

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®Essential Ceremonies
Serving the Area: Front Range Western Slope Foothills of Colorado Denver Metro Littleton, Colorado United StatesPhone: (303) 819-3034Celebrant's Website: Essential Ceremonies, LLCRML-CC Profile Page: Ben’s Full Prolfile
Photo of Lisa Davila

Lisa Davila

Life-Cycle CelebrantCelebrant Lisa
Serving the Area: Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs Other areas also considered Colorado United StatesPhone: (303) 887-3928Celebrant's Website: Celebrant Lisa
Photo of Tawnya Musser

Tawnya Musser

Home Funeral Guide, End-of-Life Doula & Life-Cycle CelebrantDear Departures
Serving the Area: 100-mile radius of Denver-Metro Area Colorado 80206 United StatesPhone: (719) 430-5272Celebrant's Website: Dear Departures
Photo of Johanna VanDeWege

Johanna VanDeWege

Life Cycle CelebrantAlternative Undertakings
Serving the Area: Front Range Colorado United StatesPhone: (303) 872-5368Celebrant's Website: Alternative Undertakings
Photo of Valerie Nicholas

Valerie Nicholas

Life-Cycle Celebrant & End-of-Life Doula
Serving the Area: Arvada Front Range Golden, Colorado United StatesPhone: (970) 682-4416Celebrant's Website: GiftsofLifeCeremonies.comRML-CC Profile Page: Valerie’s Full Profile