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Elopement / Vow Renewal

Recognizing marriage in its many forms with a Life-Cycle Celebrant can transform a ceremony into a magical moment that lasts into eternity. Grand or simple, with a crowd of support or just the two of you, at home or in the mountains, invite a Celebrant to create a masterful ceremony to celebrate your union.

Photo of Lin Cressey

Lin Cressey

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant
Serving the Area: Front Range Colorado United StatesPhone: (720) 210-3606Celebrant's Website:
Photo of Bonnie Cortez

Bonnie Cortez

Life-Cycle CelebrantChosen with Bonnie
Serving the Area: Sweet Home Chicago Spokane, ​Washington Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 United StatesPhone: (224) 714-9396Celebrant's Website: Chosen with Bonnie